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Learning Electives & Online

Some Distance Learning Electives for GED Preparation can be taken through Anthony Burik, Distance Learning Teacher.  He is available for appointment at or 925-685-7340 ext. 6759.  These courses may be taken in addition to attending classes. 


For other elective online courses listed below, please see the High School Program Coordinator, Trisha Ouellette.

1. Online-Cyber High and Odyssey–Credits in all core subjects

2. Photography–10 Fine Arts Credits

3. English CAHSEE Practice Course–1 Elective Credit 

4. Math CAHSEE Practice Course–1 Elective Credit

5. Paid Work Verification/Career Readiness–Credits based on experience and work (Print the following: Paid Work Experience Assessment Rubric)

6.Volunteer/Service Learning–Credits based on activity and work (Print the following: Volunteer Experience Student Outline and Volunteer Experience Assessment Rubric)

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