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High School Diploma

How to Register for Classes

  • Click on the "Register for an Orientation" link on the right side of this page. 
  • Scroll down to read all the instructions to register for classes.
  • Once completed, you will be given a reading assessment and then placed into classes.

Class Schedule

Complete the classes you need to receive your high school diploma. Morning classes, evening classes, and online classes are available.  

Program Requirements

We are committed to ensuring everyone has the best opportunity to achieve their goals.

Hybrid Classes - We offer hybrid classes using Zoom and Canvas. Classes are held one day in-person and one day online. These classes are available Monday/Wednesday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

On-Campus Classes - We offer on-campus classes where teachers provide direct instruction to students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Independent Study - Students can work at their own pace using our online Odyssey program. All tests are taken on Zoom with a test proctor.

CAHSEE Information

The Governor of California has suspended the CAHSEE exam.

High School Diploma Requirements

Mt. Diablo Adult Education awards a Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) diploma to students enrolled in the High School Diploma program who complete the following requirements. Prior credits earned, which meet the MDUSD standards, can be included in the completion of units. Official transcripts from previous schools are required as proof of previous credits.  
See the High School/GED Coordinator for further information. To join the High School Diploma Program you must first attend an Orientation Session. 

Subject Credits
English 40
Life Science 10
Physical Science 10
U.S. History 10
World History 10
American Government 5
Economics 5
Mathematics (includes 10 units of Algebra) 30
Fine Arts/Foreign Language/CTEC 20
Approved Electives (Includes Physical Education but not Driver's Ed) 60
Total 200



Room: High School Office
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:00
Phone: (925) 685-7340, ext. 6745


All new students must attend an orientation to be enrolled in classes.

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Special Considerations

Former Foster Youth AB 167 Graduation Standards

What is AB 167?
California Assembly Bill 167 provides alternative graduation standards for graduation for Foster Youth and Former Foster Youth who are now adults.

To Whom Does AB 167 Apply?
AB 167 applies only to pupils who were in foster care who transfered into a district or between high schools within the district while they were in 11th or 12th grade.

For more information
For more information visit the California Department of Education website.

Special Education Students
Students with an IEP can receive services and accommodations until their 22nd birthday.