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English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL Office and all classes are closed because of the Corona virus (COVID-19). We hope to open again on May 4. (Date subject to change.)

Please check this website or the MDUSD website ( ) for updates and new information. 

If you have requested and are waiting for an attendance verification letter, it will be sent to the address we have on file.  If you have a new request for an attendance verification letter, please contact your case worker or agency. 
If you have questions, you may send them to .

TheEnglish as a Second Language ESL department teaches essential English skills for successful learning and living and provides a welcoming, safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment. All ESL teachers are credentialed instructors. Students learn English and improve communication skills in order to achieve personal, educational, and career goals. Students study in a welcoming, supportive and engaging learning environment.

ESL Classes at Loma Vista Adult Center

Spring Classes: February 3, 2020 - June 4, 2020
Monday-Thursday: 9:00-11:45 am, 12:30-2:45 pm and Tuesday-Thursday: 6:30-9:15 pm

English as a Second Language: Beginning-Advanced
Improve your English skills. ESL classes have access to computers and are taught by highly-qualified and trained instructors.

Building Academic Skills in English
Learn business English, job communication and preparation skills, math, and computer training. Open to students at the Intermediate level.

The classes above require placement testing. Click here to schedule this. If you need help, come into the Registration Office on any Tuesday January 7 - March 24, 2020 - 9:00 - Noon & 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

ESL for Early Childhood Education
Prepare for a career and/or higher education in Early Childhood Education! This class is offered in partnership with Diablo Valley College. The student must be at ESL Intermediate High level or higher.
Call (925) 685-7340, extension 6754 for information.

Citizenship Preparation, Drop-in - T & TH 6:30-8: 30 pm, Room C-9
A class for students learning how to apply for American citizenship. Competency in English at the Intermediate level required.

Distance Learning, Drop-in - W-TH 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, Room A-1
Watch a video and complete a lesson at home and then meet with a teacher to review your work and answer questions. Citizenship preparation is also available via distance learning.

ESL/Family Literacy

Improve your English skills so you can help your children succeed in school! Classes are ongoing from February 3 - June 4, 2020. Call the location you are interested in to ensure there is space available.

Spring Classes: February 3 - June 4, 2020

Family Literacy Center at Cambridge Elementary School
1135 Lacey Lane, Concord, (925) 674-9062

  • 8:15-11:10 am          M-Th          Preschool*
  • 12:15-2:30 pm          M-Th          Preschool*
  • 6:30-8:30 pm            T-Th           Childcare**
  • 4:30-6:00 pm            W               Drop-in Distance Learning

Family Literacy Center at Meadow Homes Elementary
1371 Detroit Ave., Concord, (925) 603-1491

  • 8:15-11:10 am          M-Th          Preschool*
  • 12:15-2:30 pm          M-Th          Preschool*
  • 6:30-8:30 pm            T-Th           Childcare**

Riverview Middle School
205 Pacifica Ave., Bay Point, (925) 458-3216, Ext. 6754

  • 6:30-8:30 pm          T-W-TH         Childcare**          

Loma Vista Adult Center
1266 San Carlos Ave., Concord, (925) 685-7340, Ext. 6754

  • 8:45-11:30 am          M-Th          Preschool*

*Preschool: Children 3-5 years on a cooperative basis.
**Childcare: Children aged 3 years to 3rd grade on a cooperative basis.


Room: MU-21

Office Hours:  
Monday - Friday - 8:30-4:30

Phone: 925-685-7340 ext 6751


Registration & Placement Office
Open Tuesdays January 7 - March 24, 2020
9:00 - Noon & 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Room MU-17

Spring Classes
February 3 - June 4, 2020
9:00-11:45 am
12:30-2:45 pm
6:30-9:15 pm